Wózki dziecięce. Foteliki samochodowe i wózki dla dzieci - Altrak24 Wrocław

19 The Mall Ealing, W5 2PJ London
Monday - Friday from 8:00am till 4:00pm

tel. +44 203 608 31 62
E-mail: info@altrak24.com

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  • Lascal Buggy Board. Oferta Altrak24.
  • Pram Tutek Tambero. Oferta Altrak24.
  • Pram Camarelo Carera. Oferta Altrak24.
  • Camarelo Eos. Oferta Altrak24.
  • Pram Adamex York Alu. Oferta Altrak24.


About our firm Altrak24

Altrak 24 company was established in 2011. The company’s object of economic activity is the distribution of goods designed for children. Thanks to a young and ambitious team of workers and due to a huge demand for high-quality children’s products, the company has rapidly expanded its market.

Our products

We sell only best-quality products, which are specially selected for the youngest. Currently we distribute our goods throughout the entire Western Europe, especially on German, British and Czech markets.